Alarm Registration Form

Sec. 13-43 of the City of Alpharetta ordinance requires the registration of any fire, robbery, burglary, holdup, medical or panic alarm both audible and inaudible (silent). Registration is required to assist law enforcement personnel with determining the location of an alarm, emergency contact information, and notifying them of any other unique conditions or hazards that may exist.

Burglar/Fire Alarm Registration

Alarm Location:*
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Is the Business Operated Out of a Residence
Homeowner's Name (as it appears on alarm company's bill)

In addition to registering your alarm, the City of Alpharetta encourages you to create an Emergency Profile for free at

Emergency Contact Information (list in call order)

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Additional Information/Hazard Notification

Information provided on this form will only be used in case of an emergency (fire, burglary, water leak, etc) and will be held confidential by the NG911 center.  Contacts may be updated at any time.

I have read and understand the ordinance that pertains to alarms in the City of Alpharetta, the penalties for violations of the ordinance, and the falsification of the application.  Click here for the ordinance: COA Alarm Ordinance


Finance Approval

Finance Approval
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